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Most budding entrepreneurs are hesitant to venture on their own to take their idea(s) to the next level as they may have a well paid job, have financial commitments and obligations that don't allow them to venture on the exciting but risky journey of "paddling their own canoe" to success There are many attributes and characteristics that are very essential in wanting to become a successful entrepreneur. A burning desire,discipline,a passionate drive and the ability to listen are some of the most important ingretients,that are required. My experience has also taught me that having at least two mentors at the very beginning and that you can trust will help you on your journey is vital. Feel free to connect with me if you need help! Sincerely randhir
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Becoming an Entrepreneur is a first step towards learning new things through experienece instead of learning through studying. So those who like to do new things should always think of becoming an entrepreneurs.
Problematic for MNCs - Though we may criticize MNCs on various fronts, it is seen that they bring in business and employment. Since they have presence in multiple countries, they need to manage their accounts and deal with 2 types of fiscal years. That is exhausting, time consuming and increases their operational costs. Major changes needed - If we want Jan-Dec period then many major changes are needed like shifting Parliamentary Sessions, budget presentation in November-December, reorganizing tax infrastructure and its various laws, tax assessment year, etc.