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FoundersClick (FC) was started by a team of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and all its key stakeholders contribute towards the development and fostering of professionals, growing businesses, and early stage ventures.


FC ecosystem offers a strategic convergence point for all its key stakeholders - Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Service providers, Students, Domain Experts, Investors and Non-Profit Organizations.

Each member avails FC’s services based on the unique needs of their professional career or business venture and each from their unique and specific vantage point. All FC members converge towards a thematic common denominator to Connect, Promote, and to Effect Results


The term "growing business" in the FoundersClick lexicon alludes to both early-stage to post-funded ventures ramping up to steady-state growth and operations for market and revenue traction. An individual’s or a professional’s career-related needs do, indeed, vary from time to time.  The same is true for a business venture that is ramping up through its various growth phases.


At FoundersClick (FC), the “tango” to Connect, Promote, and to Effect Results is carefully designed and orchestrated to support each of its critical stakeholder categories. Fc optimizes compatible introductions, meaningful connections, and, in turn, boosts brand-build and market visibility.


FoundersClick’s Basic Services are FREE and provide a direct do-it-yourself professional connections and marketing promotions platform. As an FC member you expand your Reach, Visibility and Influence. FC Premium Services are Solutions-driven and are further tailored  to address specific  member needs.

FoundersClick offers value propositions that are optimized for each of its stakeholders:

FC Premium Services – Personalized and customized to member requirements


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