How can FoundersClick help you?

FoundersClick (FC) is an “ecosystem as a service” platform that hosts a global community comprising of Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Professionals Domain experts, Investors and Non-Profits. Through our platform and tiered services we address pressure-points for businesses, professionals and organizations. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with extended teams in India, Australia & Singapore. We offer timely and cost-effective solutions no matter where your business is located. A common thread across our services- We Connect and Promote to Effect Results. Our tiered B2B Services include:
A. Platform-based Services:

  •      a. Basic (free)
  •      b. Classic (Subscription)

B. Customized Engagements - B2B Premium Services:

  •      a. TeamerClick. - Development, Marketing, Patents & CPA services
  •      b. ConduitClick. - Connections to Client Prospects
  •      c. FundClick. - Capital-raise & Exit services
  •      d. AttestClick. - Expert endorsement for brand-build boost
  •      e. SkillClick. - Resource skill assessments- based team-Build


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