CauseBackr™ (CB)  is the  Sales transactions and Leads generation platform  with an innovative  difference.  Quality Vendors, Discerning Buyers and Critical Cause Projects, all converge,  each with their own impetus and interests, to make an affirmative impact.   CB Impact  - Every business transaction through CauseBackr has a tangible ripple effect,  in that it helps CB, in turn, to fund and track meaningful CauseBackr Projects to completion. CauseBackr facilitates transactions through exclusive offers and bargains and even provides value-added negotiate best Vendor price services. CauseBackr establishes multiple high-impact  business channels for Vendors and Buyers to connect and transact and is currently  on the cusp of orchestrating expansion to new silos. Announcements to follow. Buyers  Impact – Buyers come for the  - exclusive offers, deals, quality vendors, unique products, competitive best price assistance and even  positive Cause Project impact  as key incentives, including DirectDonate™ (to directly donate to a Project) – to each their own. Business/Vendor Impact – Vendors generate new leads and magnify their  target market focus, & community outreach,   leverage cost effective CB promotions and results-based cost of sales, showcase their  products and inherently build brand goodwill with an optional nod to a favorite Cause project. Options include - Exclusive CB Offers,  Matching contributions to  transactions, Project sponsorships, Employee perks via CB discounts CB stamped - Businesses/Vendors - Product or Services B2B or B2C), Online only  E-commerce sites, In-store deals, Service  Providers in a  medley of biz domains. Cause Projects Impact-  By leveraging the CB virtual bridge between Vendors and Buyer, CauseBackrs do indeed Act to Transact and ultimately Impact and embedded in its core edifice  is  an  active platform of Cause Projects. CauseBackr  funds these carefully curated in Projects with  through its direct grant allocation  from the transaction service fee it receives from Businesses. CB tracks the projects to completion  and posts updates. Cause Projects have multiple avatars - An Individual pledge,  A Grassroots campaign, an inspired film maker,  a for-profit company with positive social impact. The Cause Projects selection through due diligence is scalable in its both in  domain  focus and geographic reach CB  thus emerges as the  ultimate Capitalism with a Conscience brand – a live-wire marketplace for B2C or B2B transactions. It is a  Win-Win-Win-Win for all CB stakeholders with  quantifiable life-affirming impact to lives around us Act. Transact. Impact!
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