Everyone needs a mentor!

It is my firm believe that one always needs a mentor if one wishes constant improvement and positive growth. if we take historical facts such as the upbringing of a child. Mentoring in my humble opinion is evolutionary . young parents do not have the where with all of knowing how to rear and bring up children. Many of the nuisances and disciplines are first handed down to the young parents through the medium of learned intruction by their parents. Likewise many of the needed qualities that a budding entrepreneur needs to be successful are learnt through the gained experiences of a mentor or mentors. The art of learning is listening tentatively to the lessons of ones mentors and then carefully implementing and/ or improving on those lessons(ideas) to personalize them to ones current situation(s) to make a meaningful impact. Entrepreneurs that make significant impacts are those on a trail of constant learning. i personally have stood on the shoulders of many mentoring greats that have gone before me. i would say May paternal great grand mother who lived yo the age of 102 was my finest mentor though at the time I did not look upon her as a "mentor" My late , great mother was certainly the most influential and dynamic mentor I have ever had and still is as she guides me from the Heavens. Hope this helps and makes sense? Randy

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