Eric Melin

Profile Introduction - Objectives & Interests

Co-Founder/Job -I am a Professional looking for a Co-Founder opportunity/join a start-up team
Recruiting - I am a recruiter looking to fill job positions and/or meet new clients
Organization - I am a Non-Profit looking for mission visibility and members
Resources - I am an Entrepreneur/Biz founder look for team resources
Services - I am a Business/Service Provider & like to meet new clients
Network - I am looking to expand my biz network
Funding – I am looking for funding options
Invest – I am an Investor/Incubator
Internship - I am a Student and exploring internship & career options
Advisory Role - I am a Subject Matter Expert and looking for an Advisory role in a start-up
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Profile Introduction - Incubator - SEO/SEM Service - Capital Advisory