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General Questions
General Questions
  • FoundersClick(FC) is an ecosystem for growing business, early stage ventures, professionals and for their critical-success stakeholders.

    FoundersClick Inc.(FC) is a Silicon Valley, California based venture that was launched in 2015. It was started by a team of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

    It is an ecosystem in that the FC platform mirrors and facilitates connections and promotions of a personal, complex, and strategic journey from ideation to steady- state growth and revenues for businesses. It equally supports the career progression of professionals. Individuals/professionals and businesses can both equally leverage the FC platform for their networking and brand-building needs.

    The term "growing business" in the FoundersClick’s lexicon refers to both early-stage and post-funded growing ventures ramping up to steady-state operations, market traction and revenues. A professional’s career-related needs do evolve and vary from time to time. The same is true for a business venture that develops through its growth stages.

    At FoundersClick, the “tango” to Connect, Promote, and to Effect Results is carefully designed and orchestrated to support each of its critical stakeholder categories. FC optimizes compatible introductions, meaningful connections, and, in turn, boosts brand-build and market visibility. FC Basic Services are FREE and provide a direct do-it-yourself professional connections and marketing promotions platform. As an FC member you can directly and proactively expand your Reach, Visibility, and Influence at your own pace. FC Premium Services are solutions-driven and are tailored to address specific member needs in three areas – Resources, Business Development Connections and Funding. FoundersClick serves as a live-wire convergence point for its key stakeholders who wish to connect and promote each from their unique stance and vantage point.

    FoundersClick offers value propositions, optimized for each of its stakeholders.

    • Resources, Biz-Dev Connections, Funding, Clients , organic brand-build options
    • Career-progressive jobs, Networking, Individual brand-build, Strategic introductions and meaningful connections
    • Team resources, Client leads, Useful introductions and Client referrals
    • Fundraising, vetted deals and resources for portfolio companies
    • FoundersClick serves as a service provider to Incubators, Accelerators and Investors in that they can leverage FoundersClick’s platform and value-added premium services for their portfolio companies
    • FoundersClick does not invest directly, but it does so through its investor partners
    • Mission visibility, Donors, Volunteers

  • FoundersClick’s Basic Services provide a direct do-it-yourself professional connections and marketing promotions platform. You can choose to be as active or passive in your stance, per your requirements. You expand your Reach and Visibility, Connections and Influence.

    The platform hinges on the truism: whom you know and connect with and where and how you promote, do indeed, matter in business whether you are an individual or a business. At FoundersClick, you get to expand your strategic connections at your pace and leverage FC’s promotions channels to build your brand and be noticed and stay relevant.

    At FoundersClick , when you Sign up all these Basic services are FREE. It is simple and easy to sign-up.

    • Introduce yourself. Then post quality content
    • Post your Listing and your requirements
    • Create an Events Gallery and List your business in FC directory
    • Brand build and network through Blogs & Forums
    • Request for featured story on Biz Story wall

    FoundersClick also provides you a flexible framework of personalized Premium Services offerings to assist your push through the startup grind.  FC services are carefully customized to be results-driven and solutions based so you are Team-Ready, Launch-Ready, and Funding-Ready. You can tap on these as needed.

    FC Premium Services offer customized Results-based Introductions & Solutions
    • TeamMaker™
    • Identifies and Introduces resources, job opportunities and vetted service providers per your specifications
    • Pilot HeadStart™
    • Provides to Biz Dev Connections and Customer leads to spur growth and revenues
    • Funding Services
    • Provides you funding and the opportunity to pitch to partner funds and investor

    Whether you are an individual or a business, FoundersClick will interactively discuss your needs and team up with you to provide cost-effective proposals. Once we undertake a client engagement, FoundersClick will provide value-added, results-based solutions to further your professional journey and/or your business growth. All Premium Services are currently being offered on a select basis. Do reach out to us and let us know how best we can assist you. These links are displayed on the Home page footer as well.

  • No. The terms "start-up" or “growing companies” in the FoundersClick lexicon span all growth stages of idea development to post funding phase and beyond. Essentially any early to mid-size business venture ramping up to steady-state operations and revenues can fully benefit from FoundersClick ecosystem and leverage its professional connections and promotions for a variety of strategic reasons. Business requirements vary from time to time. Businesses in any growth phase require cost-effective connections and promotions to generate new client, brand-build and get noticed. FoundersClick offers variety of ways for businesses to Connect, Promote and Effect results.

    • As a FC member, you can leverage FoundersClick platform, as much or as often as you need for your strategic grass-roots Connections and Promotions and at a pace that you decide
    • For personalized and customized services that map to your specifications you can also tap on FoundersClick for personalized Premium services FC offers as needed. FC Premium Services engagements are designed to optimize your time, costs, and efforts. FoundersClick can serve as your extended and flexible team to deliver its services

  • FoundersClick ecosystem is carefully designed to offer value-added benefits to each and every of category of members based on specific needs and expectations.  All stakeholders use FoundersClick from their particular vantage point but with a common thread of Connections or Promotions necessities.  

  • All Basic Services are free. You can Sign-up and become a member. Here are your FC Basic Services member perks:
    1. Introduce yourself - Post your Profile
    2. Identify, Invite and connect - Develop connections that matter
    3. Post listings – Identify resources who map to your biz needs
    4. Promote Events/webinars – Be visible, track RSVPs, and boost attendees
    5. Gain visibility- Post in FC Venture Directory
    6. Post Blogs- Share your insights and build grassroots following
    7. Start Discussions - Share information and Network
    8. Spotlight your venture- Influence on Biz Stories

    • You can have multiple professional “avatars” or persona/profiles, if your business pursuits fall into multiple categories and you wish to separately emphasize different facets of your professional endeavors
    • The main objective of posting a profile is to introduce yourself and/or your business. If you have multiple aspects to your professional persona, FoundersClick gives you the option to separate them for effective spotlighting and networking organization
    • Please note you need to have a valid and unique email attached to each of your profiles
    • Reasons you may need multiple profiles:

    • Helps you organize your connections outreach, promotions, and listing based on your professional focus in concert with your profile persona
    • For instance, you could, be a Service provider and an Entrepreneur or you could be an Entrepreneur and an Angel Investor. At FoundersClick, you can have a separate profile and leverage a separate professional group for each of these professional “avatars.” You can post one profile as an individual and one separately to spotlight your business
    • When you have multiple business endeavors, keeping a separate profile for each one, can help streamline biz development outreach and brand building focus. Multiple professional profiles provides you an organized approach to connecting and promoting different businesses, especially, if your target audience may be different for each
    • You will be able to add different tags and keywords appropriate for each of your profiles that will boost the probability of display in search results
    • Business resource needs could be different too depending on your profile focus as will the listing of business requirements associated with each of them. You thus enhance the probability of making suitable connections that you need according to your business needs
    • Please note – Should you choose to have multiple professional profiles, FoundersClick requires that you have a valid and unique email per profile.