FoundersClick TeamerClick Premium Services

Expert Marketing & Business Development Services

FoundersClick offers managed Services to its Business members

FoundersClick (FC) collaborates with its business Clients, carefully maps technology requirements with expert service providers and delivers results towards an array of Technology Development, Marketing and Biz Development support for growth phase businesses.

Examples of Expert Marketing & Business Development Services

Creative Branding & Marketing Campaigns

Brand Strategy & Campaign planning
Targeted Advertising campaigns
Digital marketing campaigns
Brand activation Initiatives
Digital marketing and Social media management
Promotions, PR & Brand propagation through FoundersClick platform channels – Biz Story, Blogs, Discussion forums, Directory Posts, Featured spotlight to members.
Search Engine Optimization
Results-driven Social media management

FC ConduitClick

Client leads to growing ventures in US
Offshore Development hub set up in India
Alliances & partnerships facilitation - Expansion to select markets outside of USA
US based hub set-up for companies outside of USA


Connection to Influencers for Expert assessment and endorsement

Mentorship & Management Consulting Advisory Services

Business Mentorship & Strategy build
Domain expert analysis - Products & Services assessment
Market segmentation & Competitive Analysis and market positioning
Differentiators and Business Planning
Market research and Growth projections
Deck & Pitch guidance & input
Funding & Exit-Readiness services
Business Plan review and Financials planning
Business Process Optimization
Team resources build and skill assessment

Technology Services to Boost and Support Marketing Results

Data Analytics and Trends analysis
SEO, SMM, Link Building & Page submissions
Social Media management
Blogs and Discussion Forums leverage

Why is FC TeamerClick Premium Services relevant to Businesses?

Managed services, tailored to Clients’ unique requirements
Competitive price-points. Cost to quality value-add.
Extended team collaboration to mitigate fulfillment risk
Access to vetted specialized domain experts
Commitment to customer satisfaction & teamwork
Brand-build that boosts visibility through array of promote platform channels with relevant content to compete and prevail
Equitable results-based Client base expansion
Synergistic partnership alliances in other geographies
Tracked results to optimize marketing spend
Trusted & reliable success story-boarding teamwork