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FC ecosystem offers a strategic convergence point for all its key stakeholders - Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Service providers, Students, Domain Experts, Investors and Non-Profit Organizations. Each member avails FC’s services based on the unique needs of their professional career or business venture and each from their unique and specific vantage point. All FC members converge towards a thematic common denominator to Connect, Promote, and to Effect Results.

FoundersClick's Basic Services are FREE and Provide a direct do-it-yourself professional connections and marketing promotions platform. As an FC member you expand your Reach, Visibility and Influence.


Funding Readiness Service

Funding Readiness Service

FoundersClick Inc. (FC) announces the  launching

16 Jul 2018 00:30:02

FoundersClick™ Premium Service - TeamMaker™

FoundersClick™ also offers individualized and customized services through results-based Premium services for its members. One such select service is TeamMaker.

Teamwork - FoundersClick teams up with you to identify resources and strategic connections that map to your resource requirement parameters.
Cost Effective - You only pay for connections requested.
Results Oriented - We will team up with you to ensure that our introductions meet your criteria. You pay for solutions and results, once these introductions get you going.
FoundersClick™ Premium Service- Funding Services
FoundersClick connects you to its partner funds and provides you an opportunity to pitch to investors.
Investors and funding partners will assess FoundersClick's pre-qualified and vetted deals for funding.
FoundersClick™ Premium Service-Pilot HeadStart
What is Pilot HeadStart™ Service?
Pilot HeadStart Services provides introductions to strategic business development target leads to pitch your products/services
Key alliances and Beta Customers boost investor confidence and improve chances for funding and market growth
If you are in a Pilot mode, Pilot headStart links to potential Beta customers and domain experts for review and input
Your profile enhances credibility for connections. Include all salient information regarding your business, career, academic as well as professional interests and affiliations. Build you individual brand. Put your profile to work!
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Co-Founder/Job -I am a Professional looking for a Co-Founder opportunity/join a start-up team
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Spotlight your business in FC directory. Showcase your brand and keep your audience updated. How you promote and Where you promote, do matter in business.

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