SkillClick™ Services to Students & Professionals

About SkillClick™

SkillClick™ is a results-driven Premium service offered by the TeamMaker Division of FoundersClick Inc. . It facilitates technical skill assessment and career mentorship to boost professional pursuits and business connections to new grads seeking their first job. Its proprietary assessment protocols leverage intelligent mapping of technical expertise to business’ resource requirements. Businesses and Students and Professionals actualize Opportunities through SkillClick™.
To Businesses - SkillClick™ serves as an active conduit for cost effective technical talent to businesses. To Students, SkillClick™ is a supportive and nurturing catalyst for job and career progression. . SkillClick’s solutions-based services currently focus on the Semiconductors industry opportunities.
SkillClick™ is a Premium Services carefully designed Premium service that leverages FoundersClick platform to facilitate and ensure successful Connections between students, new grads/professional and businesses. We team-up with you and offer a choice of industry projects of relevant emphasis to assess, highlight and differentiate your expertise. Our skill assessment protocols serve as the basis for our professional reference and connections to suitable businesses opportunities. Besides Timing in business, a positive perception of your expertise and an effective spotlight of your unique talent to businesses are everything too!
We offer a flexible framework where you can leverage SkillClick’s stamp of assessment report for your direct job search or through other channels. You can leverage SkillClick’s assistance in landing your first job as well if you so choose.
FoundersClick is NOT a job search platform but an ecosystem where businesses and professionals can Connect & Promote towards Effecting results. Employment and jobs are one of its members’ critical needs. Our approach is to address this need through a modality different from traditional recruiting methods. SkillClick™ makes concerted efforts to establish a nurturing & collaborative bridge of Opportunities for vetted students, new grads and professionals diversifying their skills. In business connections, impressions and presentation matters. To accomplish results and boost your success we are with you!
SkillClick™ Assessment spans an array of specialized domains
IoT applications
Big Data Analysis
AI algorithms & applications
Mobile applications
Workflow enterprise software - CRM, Financials, Supply Chain etc,Cloud based applications,
Internet- based software development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing & optimization
Content Marketing
SkillClick™ Premium Services for Students and Professionals have a two-fold focus
Students who are looking for their first job or internships
Professionals who are diversifying their skill and exploring job opportunities that can leverage their expanded expertise

How do you benefit from SkillClick™ Opportunities?

SkillClick™ is your own personal coach and guide for opportunities
Slam dunk your first job – As a graduating student and Out the campus, identifying and selecting your first job opportunity can appear a bit tedious especially if you are focused on a specific domain like Semiconductors. SkillClick™ carefully maps your interests and skills to available opportunities for you.
Internships – As you gear up to graduate, relevant experience do indeed matter. FoundersClick’s proprietary vetting process boosts your chances for success. These stepping stones can indeed pave the way for the first job of your choice.
Diversify and Differentiate – As a professional even with a few years of experience, branching out to other specialization has its challenges. SkillClick™ can help broaden your opportunities to include those that leverage your newly-expanded expertise.
Lead with your Skills. Let your expertise precede your resume – Through our value-added vetting protocols, we can together assess focus on areas of interests for matched opportunities
Leverage Expert Guidance - Personalized Mentoring for 3 months on job search that include resume review, interview feedback and expand your career-progressive repertoire in Soft skills too.
Specialized assistance – Some special issues like Visa, we offer strategic guidance including availing domain experts, if needed for potential solutions
Ditch the Black Hole Syndrome – SkillClick™ triggers a transparent process as part of our team-up framework, to communicate closely on evolving updates.
Make every Opportunity Count - Feedback from businesses/ employers are crucial to boost Connection prospects. SkillClick™ facilitates collaboration towards our mutual success.
Experience Cost effective Value Add - Flexible and friendly pricing. A small advance with rest payable upon successful connection to a job opportunity.
Discover & Experience theSkillClick™ difference
SkillClick™ is your own personal coach and guide for opportunities
Customized solutions to your specific needs
Opportunities through organic job connections
Services-driven supportive framework with primary motivation is facilitating Connections
Specialized visa issues related guidance for job opportunities, if needed
Skill diversification assessment to boost connection success index with businesses
Career Coaching by mentors and domain experts beyond job opportunity
Opportunities to leverage member perks and avail FoundersClick Basic Connect & Promote channels to see results at your own pace beyond the job opportunity
Cost effective and Affordable services. You pay for result-based value-add!

Enjoy Free FoundersClick Membership perks

All members can leverage FoundersClick’s ecosystem’s Basic services on a DIY (Do It Yourself) basis. All these are Promote & Connect Channels and free for you to avail as a member,
Post unlimited Listings per business requirements and get direct responses
Expand your Network & build your professional support - Manage your Direct Network Group (Invites accepted) and Extended Network Group (Invite in process) and keep them posted on business/professional updates.
Connections not a meaningless number– Manage your Connections and leverage them when you need them and make them count.
Become an influencer: Post Blogs and share your constructive thoughts. Build your image and be featured on FoundersClick Biz Story Wall – Q&A format – Inspire others! Businesses and the world see your professional persona beyond your resume and references.
Build your professional persona to boost Connection success. Let the world see the person behind your resume. Showcase your talent and be a forceful founder of your aspirations.

About FoundersClick

FoundersClick Inc. (FC) is a growing ecosystem with an active global community of over 75,000 Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers & Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits. FC hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage start-ups and growing businesses and all their allied stakeholders referenced to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your business. FoundersClick serves as a global business conduit to select geographies. In essence, FoundersClick establishes a live-wire “ecosystem-as-a-service” paradigm for both individuals and growing businesses for meaningful connections and cost-effective brand-build for business expansion.
FoundersClick offers Basic & Premium solutions-driven products and services to its members. Sign-ups are Free on FoundersClick.
Basic Services are Free Basic services offer individuals and businesses an array of Connect & Promote option on a DIY (Do-it-yourself) basis.
Premium Services are personalized, tailored to a Client’s needs and largely result-based. SkillClick™ is one of value-added FoundersClick’s Premium Services you can readily avail.

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We look forward to working with you ! Thanks in advance for your interest in SkillClick™