SkillClick™ Assessment Services For Businesses

SkillClick™ is a results-driven “Skill Assessment as a Service” for Businesses, Students and Professionals. We provide costs saving to Businesses through minimized hiring decision risk, increased new hire job satisfaction & productivity. We facilitate Businesses, Students and Professionals to actualize opportunities.

Why SkillClick™?

Aligned Opportunities for Stakeholders. SkillClick™ leverages its proprietary assessment protocols to evaluate an array of skills, which serve as a basis for a professional endorsement. We synthesize intelligent mapping of technical expertise to business’ resource requirements.
Domain Experts. SkillClick™ principals have over 3 decades of experience in Semiconductor and IT Industry and are currently spearheading the efforts to guide Semiconductor, Electrical Engineering grads and career changers. SkillClick™ is also expanding into other technical specializations, Financial, Marketing and industry domains.
SkillClick™ Mentorship serves as a synergistic catalyst to Skill progression to boost job success, and reduce employee turnover.
Connect and Promote perks for businesses. SkillClick™ is a Premium Service of FoundersClick, a broader global business ecosystem that focuses on growing companies and their allied stakeholders. Businesses can gain more brand visibility and leverage growing community 70,000 FoundersClick members Businesses, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students.

SkillClick™ Assessment Services - How we work

SkillClick™ Assessment Services offers proprietary protocol-based technical skill and expertise assessment of candidates through tailored industry projects assessed by Domain experts. We administer tailored technology projects for candidates (including new grads) to assess skills and expertise reflected beyond their resume. We offer Flexible and Customized Skill Assessment protocols.
We can administer tailored industry projects per job position.
Our Skill Assessment platform is distinct in technology assessment both software and hardware based technology specializations.
We can work seamlessly in conjunction with your current Applicant Tracking System, HRM and other Recruiting software to offer an independent assessment. We serve as a crucial asset to your team-build.

Who can benefit?

Startups.In need of assessed team resources. Hiring risk and their ensuing repercussions exponentially higher with smaller ventures.
Established companies with multiple candidates/resumes needing expert technology expertise based pre-screen specialization.

SkillClick™ Value-Add to Businesses

Minimized hiring decision risk repercussions of which are exponentially higher for smaller companies.
Increased Resource retention and new-hire work productivity.
Flexible Skill Assessment Administration.
Cost-effective and Results-based solutions.
Business visibility and Brand-Build through FoundersClick platform
Preferential discounts for FoundersClick’s other value-added Premium Services to Businesses - Expert Services Linkup (Development & Marketing) and Funding Prep Advisory Services