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FoundersClick Inc™ (FC) is a growing ecosystem with an active global community of over 75,000 Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers & Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits. FC hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage start-ups and growing businesses and all their allied stakeholders referenced to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your business. FoundersClick serves as a global business conduit to select geographies. In essence, FoundersClick establishes a live-wire “ecosystem-as-a-service” paradigm for both individuals and growing businesses for meaningful connections and cost-effective brand-build for business expansion.

FoundersClick™ offers Basic & Premium solutions-driven products and services to its members. Signups are Free on FoundersClick

  • Basic Services are Free Basic services offer individuals and businesses an array of Connect & Promote option on a DIY (Do-it-yourself) basis.
  • Premium Services are personalized, tailored to a Client’s needs and largely result-based.

About SkillClick™ - Opportunities Realized!

SkillClick™ is a carefully designed Premium service that leverages FoundersClick platform technology to facilitate and ensure successful and positive Connections between students/professionals and Businesses. We team-up closely with you to provide you a choice of qualified candidates. SkillClick’s primary focus is on students looking for their first job and technology professionals who are exploring suitable jobs that match their newly diversified expertise.

FoundersClick™ is NOT a job search platform but a Connections & Promotions ecosystem However Internships, Jobs and Career progression are some of its members’ requirements. Our approach is to squarely address this need through a framework that is distinct from a traditional recruiting approach.

SkillClick™ concentrates on mentoring students and professionals on their career progression and growth aspirations in the context of viable job opportunities. SkillClick™ leverages its Foundersclick platform and facilitates connections to these resources and spotlights their expertise to business employers beyond their resume.

With SkillClick™, businesses optimize their decisions and have a seamless extended team in SkillClick.. SkillClick™ makes concerted efforts to establish a collaborative and cost effective conduit of opportunities for both Businesses and Students/professionals. SkillClick™ current industry domain focus is on Semiconductor opportunities.

SkillClick™ Premium Services for Businesses have a two-fold value-add:

    Serve as a resource connection pipeline to Businesses for:

  • Qualified Students who are looking for their first job or internship
  • Professionals who have branched out on their expertise.
  • Cost Effective Solutions – We deliver budget friendly and largely results-based connections

How do you benefit from SkillClick™ Opportunities?

  • Optimize your time with a seamless extension to your hiring team – Through SkillClick™, your business has a supportive extended team in us, in that we closely collaborate with your hiring manager/team to assess requirements. We enhance the success index of our connections through managed connections and careful match-ups to requirements.
  • Reduce your hiring risk – Productive resources and reduced turnover are critical success factors for any business. SkillClick™ gives an in-depth assessment of candidate’s technical skills relevant information as part of the connection process. We also mentor students on soft-skills and on essential elements per your feedback, so the candidate has a cognizant grasp of your expectations from the get-go. This could mitigate your hiring risk.
  • Forge Organic Connections – Through SkillClick™, we endeavor to success storyboard every connection by leveraging our platform to proactively assesse expertise and aspirations of resources. Our primary goal is an optimal and tailored match-up of business opportunities to candidate’s interests. We facilitate connections that are organic and symbiotic and not a forced-fit to the opportunities on hand.
  • Leverage Cost-effective & Seamless Collaboration - FoundersClick is not a recruiting platform. SkillClick™ is however aimed at addressing career connections requirements for some of its members. The key dynamics of personalized connections are quite different from the traditional recruiting model for job placements in that >SkillClick™ hones in on a specific niche - securing first jobs for students with a driving motivation for connection success and client satisfaction. Our connection fees are thus carefully designed to be budget friendly and largely results-based. We offer flat fee per connection with a small good-faith advance as we begin our focused efforts. We also offer 60 day warranty and can replace resource during this time-period, to minimize your cost risk.
  • Avail Flexible, Equitable & Pragmatic Options – Our primary objective is successful bridging of opportunities to resources, skills and interests. For instance, some internship opportunities may lead to job opportunity considerations. We offer flexible transition process in such scenarios.
  • Trigger other Premium Services perks - FoundersClick offers 10% discount on any other Premium Services you avail for your business.

Discover & Experience the SkillClick™ difference

  • Personalized and tailored services mapped to your specific business needs.
  • Optimized value for your business spend – we optimizes yoiur screening time. Qualified students looking for first jobs and internships may lead to direct cost savings
  • Specialized focus in resources with technical know-how and proficiency in Semiconductors
  • Services-driven collaboration and not a recruiting modality
  • Results-based - No retainer. Largely results-based with an advance.
  • Hiring Risk mitigation - Yeamed efforts minimize employee performance and hring risk
  • Partnership for employee retention – In post-connection phase, we can collaborate wuth you on employee skills assessment for internal career progression and job satisfaction
    • Additional FoundersClick™ perks:
      • Free Basic Services on FoundersClick ecosystem provide businesses Connections and Promotion/Brand Build requirements aimed at business expansion on a DIY basis.
      • Fee discounts when you leverage FoundersClick’s other value-added Premium Services that target business growth and brand-build
        • Conduit Services - Connections to Client leads and prospects and Offshore expansion
        • Connect Pro™ – Expert assessment/Endorsements and Connections to Influencers
        • Expert Services Linkup™ - Expert teams for price to quality Marketing, Technology service engagements. Flexible format – short project or long-term/ongoing services.

Keeping you informed - Additional opportunities to Connect & Collaborate

FoundersClick™ Basic Membership perks for your Business

All members can leverage FoundersClick’s ecosystem’s Basic services on a DIY (Do It Yourself) basis. All these are Promote & Connect Channels and free for you to avail as a member

  • Post unlimited Listings one per business requirements and get direct responses
  • Expand your Network & build your professional support - Invite, Connect and in time build their FoundersClick Direct Network Group audience. Manage your Direct Network Group (Invites accepted) and Extended Network Group (Invite in process) are your audience for business updates
  • Connection is not a meaningless number – Develop your connections to leverage them when you need them
  • Become an influencer - Post Blogs and share your constructive thoughts and expand your business networking circle and spotlight your business.
  • Build your image and be featured on FoundersClick™ Biz Story Wall – Q&A format – Inspire and Influence make strategic business connections and showcase your business

Premium Services