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Business Name

Listing Header


Listing Objective
Freelance options

Listing Requirements

- Have 2+ years of sales/recruiting experience
- College Degree (Preferred but not required)
- Have a love for people and building long-lasting relationships
- Eager to build a career, not just find another job
- You are resourceful and like to research everything, Google is your best friend
- Able to write professional emails and feel comfortable writing catchy ads
- Have an insatiable thirst to be successful, drive to be the best, and motivation to make it all happen
- Have a fascination or love of communicating with people (you don't have to be a social butterfly, but you can't be a wallflower)

Skills & Expertise
business development
Employment agency

United States
Deferred Compensation
Part-time(11-25 hours per week)
recruitment specialist