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About Company

We have 10 years of experiance in wastemanagement Services
In Operation from the 21st of May, 2012 and apropos/in accordance with these rules, MPCB issued Authorization/License to M/s Poona e-Waste Solutions based at Poona w.e.f. July,2012 for handling, collection, reception, storage,transportation and disposal of e-waste.
Environmently sound management of e-Waste means, taking all steps required to ensure that e-Waste is managed in a manner that protects the health & Environment against any adverse effects, resulting from it.
Electronic & Electric equipments which are non-functional , surplus, end of life are called as "e-Waste" or WEEE (Waste from Electric & Electronid Equipments).
To become a world-class facility and provide top-class services and solutions for E-Waste recycling, to help mother earth to harvest maximum resources.
Our Environment Health and Safety Policy
Poona e-Waste Solutions believes that the approaches towards protecting environment, securing health and ensuring safety of its employees are of utmost significance. We are totally dedicated and committed to conduct e-waste solutions in an environmentally responsible manner with good health and safety practices and thereby conserving the environment and making safe, healthy and accident free work place.
We consider E-Waste not as waste, but a resource for recovery in an environmental friendly manner to protect environment.
Our motto is 3 R's Reduce. Reuse and Recycle, through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology.
Our country, needs simpler cost effective technologies with maximum resource recovery of metals, plastic and glass by recycling electronic waste in environmental friendly way.
Poona e-Waste Solutions has taken lot of steps and measures for conservation of natural resource like Energy, water etc.

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