FoundersClick™ Premium Service

Pilot HeadStart

What is Pilot HeadStart™ Service?
  • At FoundersClick, we recognize the critical need for bringing together a synergistic team to execute your business goals
  • Equally important, especially prior to a launch, is the need to obtain constructive feedback from domain experts and/or potential customers. FoundersClick can leverage its network to target and identify the suitable resources for your Pilot program from its member community and through other external channels
  • FC offers individualized and customized outreach to domain experts and potential reviewers and Beta customers
  • FC can also assist with introduction to strategic leads, alliances, and partners that you need to expand your business

Why should you consider Pilot HeadStart™?
  • Optimizes your time - Through Pilot HeadStart™, FoundersClick team does the legwork for you to identify and facilitate suitable reviewers to provide timely feedback
  • Obtain Feedback & Enhance Funding Interest - Potential Customer reviews and Domain Expert feedback help you refine your ideas to position you better for either say a funding pitch or ongoing investor negotiations
  • Business Development introductions – FC facilitates introductions that can help you expand your customer base
  • Increase Connection potential - FoundersClick will ensure that these introductions meet your business criteria and are geared up for discussions with you
  • No pressure - We identify the resources for you per requirement. You also control the level of information you want to provide and to directly correspond with the connections we introduce
  • Cost Effective - You only pay for connections that we introduce per requirement
  • Teamwork - FoundersClick teams up with you and serves as your Biz Dev conduit. Some of these connections may be your potential customers or alliance partners
  • Results Driven - You pay for performance. Customer Satisfaction is paramount for us. We will team up with you to ensure that your Pilot criteria are met

  1. Email Us - Pilot HeadStart Inquiries
  2. FoundersClick Team Member will connect with you, discuss your business needs and guide you through next steps
  3. We are currently offering this service selectively