"FoundersClick (FC) ecosystem is carefully designed to ensure every one of its stakeholders - Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Domain Experts, Service- Providers (including Incubators, Accelerators) and Angel investors participate and benefit from their respective vantage points. FC platform orchestrates professional connections for active business requirements and spotlights your start-up. As Cofounders, avid entrepreneurs and angel investors ourselves, we bring to bear our collective experience towards cost-effective and results-driven Premium Services. You thus get funding-ready and launch-ready, as you push ahead with your entrepreneurial pursuits. Here's to your Start-up aspirations and Entrepreneurial dreams! "

"Most people don't know what they don't know and with regards to budding entrepreneurs they really have no way of determine the compatibility of bringing a cofounder on board. We at FoundersClick have developed an algorithm via a Business Compatibility Index formula that considerably reduced the risk of getting into business with a person who may not be the right cofounder. In addition we have created a cost effective Ecosystem that brings professional services to startups at a less costly and competitive pricing than if you were to directly approach these service providers."

"Most Service Providers are themselves avid entrepreneurs like me. FoundersClick is designed to serve as an active business conduit for leads and strategic connections for service providers and domain experts. While at the helm of their own small businesses and ventures, like me, Service providers and Domain experts can positively contribute to other stakeholders in the Start-up ecosystem. They can add significant value in leveraging their teams to contribute with their expertise and know how to help kick-start an early stage venture. In turn they realize benefits - both individually and for their business. To strive towards rewards, some calculated risk is inevitable but it keeps you firmly in the game!"

"The foundational tenet for any business lies in the exchange of what you have with what someone wants, whether it is a service or a product and integrated with strategy, effort and finances. To drive success in business, it is necessary to combine all these factors and derive the chemistry of success. This is where FoundersClick emerges to act as catalyst to the business success chemistry. FoundersClick boosts your entrepreneurial spirit and business build-up by addressing all these factors - finding right team, planning strategies, securing funds, reaching out to mentors and identifying influencers for customer acquisition and growth. FoundersClick supports your critical business and individual professional needs by providing various outreach options to promote and brand-build and by connecting you with right people as needed."

FC Advisors

"For small ventures and businesses to grow and to achieve some footprint within their ecosystem that can help them flourish, blogging can be a valuable means for them to create strong presence. These regular blogs can be video, audio, or text blogs, or a combination of them, that carry a theme representing their value proposition and what they stand for. In each blog there could be a central message of how they can help those in the ecosystem that are drawn to these postings by providing them value for each of its followers to grow and to find some meaning."

"Wayne Gretsky (The GreatOne) of ice hockey fame once said "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take" …. Likewise in business, you miss 100 percent of the connections you never make! At FoundersClick, our platform helps businesses make meaningful connections to navigate themselves to success. On the FoundersClick platform, startups find cost effective professional services to grow and flourish while professional services find business that need their services – a fully vetted business ecosystem that thrives."

"Technology build, marketing and client leads are key pressure points for most growing companies. FoundersClick's core mission through Premium services is to cost effectively deliver on these essentials as your seamless team so you focus on accomplishing your next set of milestones. We have your back!You know who you are, FoundersClick knows what you are. Come and join this wonderful family."

Boma Braide

Country Manager Nigeria
Business Development

"In Africa, we say it takes a whole village to raise a child and it takes a whole community to build a business. If your geographic location is not helping you break through bureaucratic trade boundaries, FoundersClick is the change agent that would not only provide a platform with huge resources that you can leverage on to build your business, but would provide you with access to completely eradicate bureaucracy and take your business to a whole new level. With FoundersClick, you would be operating on the global stage providing your goods and services to new markets and new markets would be providing goods and services to you. FoundersClick is the perfect win-win platform for the future."

Saujayna Acharya

Business Development

"It is always necessary for startups to be in the right ecosystem. Some are fortunate to be surrounded by one of the most entrepreneurial ecosystem, whereas some may not be. FoundersClick (FC) levels the playing field, but improving the ecosystem in different parts of the world. Avendy has been able to grow out of Kathmandu, Nepal, and is now expanding into Asia and Europe; FC is definitely the catalyst behind such expansion."

FC Ambassadors