John Torres

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Profile Introduction

Never give up even when it seems like a loosing battle. My mission is to restore as many drivers and business owners who have fallen victim to the illegal propagation of ride share app. I have a finished ride share and an amazing marketing plan to help level the playing field.

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Limo Taxi and ride share app technology provider
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Funding industry experts marketing experts and mostly funding and promotion of my ride share app.
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I'm a transportation systems manager and engineer, in the taxi & limo industry. Serving the general public as well as the hospitality and corporate community. I'm proficient in computerized dispatch systems and no stranger to technology. I've been in the business for over 25 years. I'm presently involved in the inception of Ecarx a legal app based ride -share technology. I'm of the belief that this industry needs some regulation on many levels. However I'll not participate in the political aspects of the technology. But rather I have designed a system whereby I can help hundreds if not thousands of companies that succumbed to the advent of app based technology, as well as the many drivers and independent contractors who abide by the law. I'm intent on leveling the playing field by fighting fire with fire. I believe my goal says more about me than any resume. No need to bore you with my background and education.