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At a time in my life that, I have completed a career and family has moved on. I have the opportunity to go forward with my Idea, that answers. What could help the Community I live in, Also ones similar or more impoverished. The city I live in, some say breeds terrorism. Because of the mass killings that took place last year. I believe, the quality of living in this American City, is not what America represents for a bread winner who is willing to work hard in his life to provide for his family. I believe all Cities in America should be the Land of Opportunity.

americantownchina will grow Small Business that produce American Made products and services. In turn produce Higher paying jobs and better local economies through supply and demand. After-all, 95% of Small Businesses Customers do not live in their Country.

An all-inclusive Community in Beijing China. A sponsored melting pot of Multi-Cultural, like minded Small Businessmen and Women, Musicians, Artists and Entertainers in numbers. Fellowshipping, exchanging information ultimately, nurturing ingenuity for growing their businesses, one country at a time. "americantownchina" "americantownindia" "americantownrussia."

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I have experienced the worst that life can bring. Also, the most wonderful things that life has to offer. This brought me rewards. Enabling me to look to the future more than I ever have.

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Have ability to travel, live and work at a moments notice in a position that can give value to myself and the individuals I work for. Anywhere, in the world.