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Hakuna Matata is a renowned mobile app development company delivering user friendly, unique, and exponentially engaging mobile applications for diverse industries around the globe.

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Before apps and IOT became cool and in things – we designed, built and perfected solutions for the now famous App Economy. As a technology company, we are a veteran of 10 years of excellence, as well as a young & hungry wonderkind, driven by a passion to create exceptional experiences for users.

Our work – a combination of design thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and end-user centric, consulting approach – speaks for our excellence. We are squarely and intensely focused on IOT, Web Mobile Apps, and UI/UX. More than 170 person years of experience, 200+ clients across industries geographies, and 25+ million users of our apps are but one testimony to our status as a preferred technology partner for blue chip companies as well as SMEs. Use of robust and industry standard software development methodologies combined with unique approaches like CB4UBD help us stay ahead of the curve

Across the last decade, if there is one thing that has not changed at hakunamatata it is our strong belief in giving more than 100% and working alongside the client; and our unflinching commitment to ‘making our clients, people and investors happy’ by exceeding expectations. In fact, we simply call ourselves the happy clan working together towards making our clients happy that comes from being exceptionally successful.