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The Maximus brand was then set up to manufacture and retail a range of classic Australasian pies and sausage rolls. Our product ion facility in Helensvale on the Gold Coast is also the location of our first coffee box shipping container through which we retail Pies & Sausage rolls, Coffee, Frappes and other snacks.
Maximus Pie Company was born from a desire to create awesome pies
Serial food entrepreneur Richard Plimmer (Co-founder, has for as long as he can remember a passion for making great pies.

Anyone born in Australia or New Zealand will know what a great pie tastes like. Most people will have their favourite pie outlet and will travel out of their way in the hunt for a good pie.

However, the dilemma has always be how to sell them. Wholesaling to other retailers, means that you are in large competing on price rather than quality, and you lose control over your product and brand.

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