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A veteran of the IT Industry with vast experience in Sales, Marketing, Channel Development, and General Management. Deep understanding of the Software Business and the Global Marketplace have enabled his successful track record of Driving Enterprise businesses, Shaping consumer behavior and Driving growth in both new & established Markets.

Today, he is a successful Entrepreneur and on the board of multiple companies. He is focused on building technologies that bring about significant automation and efficiency to a variety of tasks across a wide array of industries. Application automation, Recruitment automation and Talent Management are a few areas closest to his heart

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Human Resource Management
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A business entrepreneur with specific focus on ERP, Cloud Migration, Talent Acquisition & Management. I seek to drive accelerated ERP adoption via automation on the one hand and on a completely different note - looking to build a Platform for Talent management through the integration of 3 key constituents - The Job seeker, The Enterprise and The Recruiter