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नमस्ते ! हजुरहरुको हरेक सफलता र सम्वृिद्धमा हामी असल साझेदार बन्न तत्पर छौँ।

Namaste. We would love to be your partner in your growth within Nepal and beyond.

The GO-To ecosystem for growing small to mid-size businesses, students and professionals seeing career progressive options and opportunities

FoundersClick is your gateway to a results-driven solutions-based ecosystem! Based in the heart of Silicon Valley California, FoundersClick offers a gateway for positive, purposeful and strategic professional networking and promotions. FC serves to Connect and Promote both within Nepal and as a synergistic conduit Nepal and US-based businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. Connect. Promote. Effect.

About FoundersClick Inc. (FC) is a growing ecosystem with an active community of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers & Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits. FC hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage business and all their allied member stakeholders to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your business. FC offers tiered (Basic & Premium) solutions-driven services. Every stakeholder member leverages FC, each from one’s own unique vantage point and per business/org needs. FC also serves as a global business conduit to select geographies. In essence, FoundersClick establishes a live-wire “ecosystem-as-a-service” paradigm for both individuals and growing businesses alike for meaningful connections and cost-effective brand-build for business expansion.

If you are based in Nepal -what FoundersClick can do for you?

सामेल हुनुस्। प्रचार प्रसार गर्नुस। प्रभाव देख्नुस।

Get Connected. Promote Now. See the effect.

  • Professionals & Entrepreneurs –
  • Forge strategic connections.
  • Expand your network.
  • Build and anchor your individual professional brand online
  • Businesses - Identify & strike alliances and Expand your Client base
  • College students - Explore Internships, Mentor connections, Work references and Endorsements. Be proactive and post your listing through requirements
  • Service Providers - Generate New Leads & Expand your client base
  • Investors - Join our network of investors for a choice of vetted ventures Investor Inquiries
  • Non-Profits - Achieve mission visibility, brand-build and network
  • Avail FC Premium Services as needed for personalized services
FoundersClick Nepal

If you are based in United States, what FoundersClick can do for you?

  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs - Forge strategic Connections and expand your network with Nepal based connections.
  • Businesses - Identify & strike alliances and Expand your Client base and to other market place. Strike alliances with business partners
  • College students - Connect for international Internships, work references
  • Service Providers - Generate New Leads and Expand your client base. Ask to join Expert Services Link-up and get project referrals.
  • Investors - Join our network of investors for vetted ventures seeking funding. FC Nepal Inquiries

Multiple Ways to Connect & Promote

Click on Connect & Promote option tabs on the Home page for available channels and options you can avail.

Boost your Connect and Promote success towards results

  • Profile : - Post your Profile, Search & Connect. Add meaningful content to boost connections and promotes
  • Listings : Post your active Business Requirements through Listings
  • College students - Connect for international Internships, work references
  • Blogs : Blog on FoundersClick and click with other entrepreneurs and professionals and identify business leads.
  • Discussions Forums : Ask and Get/ provide answers on Discussion forums
  • FC Directory : Promote your venture product and services
  • Events Gallery : Spotlight your Professional Events and manage registration
  • Biz Stories : Inquire about a featured post to build your individual brand