Discover FoundersClick

  • FoundersClick (FC) is a large tent ecosystem for early stage ventures.

  • It was launched in Nov 2014 started by a team of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs & has since been growing and gathering team.

FoundersClick About Us
  • The operative word is Ecosystem in that the platform mirrors a delicate, complex process of developing an idea to be market-ready and funding ready.
  • The term "start-up" in the FoundersClick lexicon spans all stages of idea development to even post funding phase - essentially until the venture has steady state operations with market and revenue traction.

What does FoundersClick offer?

Reach & Visibility. Influence & Connections FoundersClick About Us

A. FoundersClick provides a professional connections and promotions platform and serves as a convergence point for its stakeholders who are crucial to building any venture

FoundersClick About Us
  • Entrepreneurs who are in the midst of their start-up pursuits. FoundersClick targets 90% of those who have desire, talent and knowhow but do not have the wherewithal and connections to survive the startup grind and take their venture to the next level.

  • Professionals - who are currently employed in bigger companies but who aspire to contribute to a startup venture and are looking for that bridge to get there.

  • College Students – who are exploring internships or maybe thinking of starting their own ventures.

  • Expert Service Providers – who want to target early stage companies and who could be entrepreneurs themselves.

  • Domains Experts – who considering Advisory roles

  • Incubators, Accelerators and Investors – exploring vetted deals, funding partners and even resources for their portfolio companies.

B. FoundersClick – besides being a networking platform also serves also as a cost-effective promotions & marketing channel. Marketing is one of the critical pressure points particularly amplified for early stage ventures when capital is most expensive.

FoundersClick About Us

At FC, when you sign-up FoundersClick About Us, as a member you can:

1. Set up a profile foot print and introduce yourself

2. List your active business requirement as separate listings as needed.

3. Leverage FC Events gallery and manage RSVPs.

4. Spotlight your business in FC Business Directory and generate leads.

5. Interact, share your wisdom through blogs and discussions that showcase your individual opinions or build brand presence.

All these FoundersClick™ Basic Services are Free on a Do-ityourself framework. You can adopt either a passive or active stance as you Connect and Promote and leverage FoundersClick community as needed per your biz requirements.

FoundersClick About Us

FoundersClick™ Premium Services are specifically designed to provide personalized resultsoriented solutions offered on a select basis. Services are specifically designed to provide personalized resultsoriented solutions offered on a select basis.

  1. TeamMaker Services™ - helps you find resources to your team in different ways
  • FoundersClick also serves as a collaborative service provider to Incubators, Accelerators and early stage investors
  • FC introduces Domain Experts and vetted Service providers to teams.
  • Early Entrepreneur initiative focuses on college students.
  • Pilot HeadStart™ connects you with business development introductions to strategic alliances and customers so you are better positioned for your funding pitch.
  • Funding Services provides you the opportunity pitch their venture to The FoundersClick Fund and its investor partners. The Founders Click Fund LLC is a separate entity and a partner fund of the FC ecosystem.