FoundersClick Conduit & Concierge Services™

For Business members
FC Conduit & Concierge Services ™ is a Premium Service offered by FoundersClick offered to growing businesses looking to expand to US markets. FC collaborates with clients on the scope of requirements and fulfillment and serves as a seamless and reliable concierge for out-of-US business clients.

Examples of value-added US based concierge services below:

Identify & Introduce Business Development and Sales Leads
Facilitate Leads conversion towards revenues by identifying opportunities to pitch
Serve as a spokesperson and ambassador to Client’s products and services
Arrange for legal assistance in setting up an office/branch/distribution
Provide strategic Advisory services on Sales and marketing strategy and lead conversion
Hire local personnel resources where necessary
Serve as the first line of response for local business inquiries
Collect fees per terms locally and disburse
Team-up with FC Client boost growth in US marketplace
FC aims to build success storyboards with each engagement

Who benefits from FC Conduit & Concierge Services?

FC Services are customized and tailored per member resources requirements based on their business expansion requirements
Growth phase mid-size ventures ramping up to growth milestones and revenue goals
Established businesses on one marketplace who want to expand their product and services to USA but balance costs to growth to achieve economies of scale
For US business – FC can assist with expansion to select geographies – e.g. India

Why FC Conduit & Concierge Services?

Value Propositions for Business members
Cost-effective services and largely on a results-based framework
Tailored and timely services that balances costs and budget
Array of brand-build visibility for ventures through platform and its features
Seamless teamwork and reliable extended team for sales growth with strong commitment to customer satisfaction and building success stories
A responsive concierge service in lieu of setting up a sales & marketing center
Leveraged incentives for other FC Premium services services - Funding Services and TeamMaker
At FoundersClick, we are truly committed to accomplishing deliverables to our clients. As such, we are selective in FC Conduit & concierge Services engagements. As we team-up towards reaching deliverables, we hope to positively enhance the collective success index for all our clients. It takes an ecosystem to build a business! Why not check us out?