FoundersClick Basic Services

Why are FoundersClick's Basic Services relevant to you?

Welcome to FoundersClick!
FoundersClick Basic Services are FREE.
FoundersClick hosts a business community of mid-size, small and early stage businesses and all their allied member stakeholders. You are joining a growing ecosystem with an active community of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers, Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits.
You can join as an Individual or a combined one with your as a business. You can compartmentalize your professional pursuits and have separate profiles. For e.g. you can have one profile for your business and one as an angel investor. Every profile requires a valid unique email id.
All Basic services are on a DIY (Do-it-yourself) basis.
You can avail FoundersClick's Basic Services from your unique vantage point, at your pace and per your needs.

Basic Services benefits. All free when you sign up as member

All Basic Services feature provide different ways to Connect and Promote to realize Results.
Post you full profile and Introduce yourself.
Search and Connect - Unlimited and Free.
Network and Interact - Search Invite and Build your Fc Direct Network Group.
Post Unlimited listings. We recommend one per requirement. Receive direct response
Brand-build and Spotlight your business in FoundersClick Directory for visibility.
Post Blogs and generate leads from My FC Dashboard and Influence.
Start & Moderate Discussions. Network and engage.
Image build. Showcase through Biz Stories Q&A and impact.

Connect to Inquire

Anchor your promotions on FoundersClick and Leverage your posts on other platforms.
Avail FoundersClick Premium Services for cost-effective customized services.

Technical Support

Any questions on Basic Services work, please reach out to us. We want to team up with you and make FoundersClick work for you!