FC Ambassadors

"The internet has given users the ease of access to information. Founders Click will give the user the ease of access to resources and talent in a way that will be unprecedented. Founders Click is fostering an ecosystem that will feed off itself by providing tremendous value to it's users: entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and investors. Founders Click is for those looking for connections to help drive their business or find that perfect company to fund. In essence, we are building a community of success-hungry people that are available to provide value to each other."

"FoundersClick (FC) provides access to emerging entrepreneurs and growing companies to a unique and exclusive global network of business stakeholders that can help support your business pursuits. FC’s growing network of professionals consists of domain experts and investors in a range of industries can work with you to provide access to a variety of resources: information, personnel, finance and markets. FC nurtures this network and enables entrepreneurs and business founders & owners to collaborate simultaneously with both local and international partners as their business expands. As you may be aware, in business, whom you know and how you promote your business is critical to success. By being part of the FoundersClick professional network, you can take advantage of value-added options and opportunities offered on the FC platform."

"Connections are key for all stakeholders of a start-up ecosphere, especially for entrepreneurs and professionals wanting to join start-ups. Surrounding yourself with reliable team members and synergistic advisors are crucial for any business, even more so, in the early stages of idea development. FoundersClick is continually pursuing ways to reach all those who can benefit from the FoundersClick ecosystem. Having a large number of folks in your network and extended can appear impressive. But what really matter, are a few key connections, who can offer timely and proactive assistance when you need it. After all, whom you connect with to share your journey, could make all the difference."

"Strategic alliances are the lifeblood for business success. Therefore having a focused and persistent outreach plan is essential for making meaningful connections. This can be a huge challenge for start-up ventures to establish a brand image in the marketplace because it takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, it is no easy task to source cost-effective, highly specialized domain experts and vet these Service Providers to synergistically contribute to your team efforts. FoundersClick’s PilotHeadStart and Funding Premium Services are geared to facilitate these pressing business demands as your team is pushing on multiple fronts. In essence, FoundersClick serves as a seamless extended catalyst to your team by furthering your goals to higher accomplishments, we can expand your sphere of influence within the business ecosystem."