FoundersClick (FC) Premium Service

TeamerClick Premium Services – Development & Technology build

What is FC TeamerClick Premium Services?

Businesses avail TeamerClick Premium Services for introductions to vetted, reliable and cost effective expert service providers as needed depending on their project and business requirements. FoundersClick offered managed and specialized Development and Marketing Services.
FoundersClick (FC) maps business requirements to service provider expertise towards results to provide this value-added cost-efficient managed services.
FC monitors progress of the project to conclusion. FoundersClick works with Businesses and Expert Service providers to build a success storyboard for each Client engagement.

Why is FC TeamerClick Premium Services relevant to Businesses?

Avail personalized and reliably managed services that are tailored to your specific requirements.
Enjoy Competitive price-points and quality work.
Reduce your project risk through FoundersClick's vetted specialized domain experts.
Optimize your work productivity through a seamless extended team to lend their expertise to meet your goals.
Boost your brand visibility on FoundersClick through its medley of Promote Channel options.
Expand your Networking to identify new leads.
Avail promotional per for our other active Premium services and scale your business growth.

Why is TeamerClick Premium Services relevant to Domain Experts & Services Providers?

Client engagements through FoundersClick.
Customer base expansion and positive impact to revenues.
Business concierge services including proposal submission & Client billing and payment collection & disbursement through FoundersClick.
Team-up with FoundersClick as an expert service provider to fulfill Client deliverables towards a collective upside.
Brand visibility and free Basic Services’ Connect and Promote channels on FoundersClick.

Business members

If you are a business and in need of any of these expert services in your team
Please inquire through appropriate link in FC site footer

Expert Service-Provider members

If you are a Domain Expert/Service Provider and would like to be considered for inclusion into the FC TeamerClick Premium Services Network, and please reach out to us through any of these options:
Sign up on FC and join FC professional community
Connect through link in the FC site footer

We look forward to teaming up and working with you!