MentorClick Premium Service

MentorClick is offered to new graduates and professionals, who are seeking career- progressive opportunities that map closely to their goals, expertise, and interests.
MentorClick is a Premium Service of FoundersClick, a broader global business ecosystem, that focuses on growing small to mid-size companies and their stakeholders.
Corporations, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and students converge on FoundersClick to connect, promote to effect results through meaningful connections and to build their brand.
Member Clients leveraging MentorClick services enjoy the benefit leveraging a community of over 75,000 FoundersClick members.

MentorClick offers these value-added services:

Whom you know and how you project your professional persona, do matter in business:

Résumé Review & Refinement to optimally crystallize and convey your “story,” expertise, and career interests to potential employers.
Interview readiness preparations and post-interview review.
Image-build and Self-PR that is carefully calibrated to build your personal band-build. The world hears the message you want to convey
through a variety of promotion channels that are aligned with your career goals and designed to spotlight your career pursuits.

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