FoundersClick AttestClick Premium Service

What is AttestClick?

Are you a business venture getting ready to:

Launch a product?
Trigger a Beta program?
Start Vendor negotiations?
Seek business partnerships?
Go after a new customer?
Pitch to investors and Fundraise?
Explore synergistic exit options?
These are just some examples of strategic milestones for a business at different phases of its growth continuum. If your response is “Yes” to one or more of these, FoundersClick’s AttestClick is worth a serious look.
FoundersClick offers AttestClick service to early-stage startups and growing businesses that can distinctly benefit from an objective expert assessment from strategic influencers.
These experts’ opinions can highlight a business’ value proposition and potentially boost the success index of your business initiatives. For any venture, that is on the threshold of such critical next-step milestones (especially in the early to growth-stage phases) the benefits of cost effectively spotlighting its image in the marketplace are a critical need.
A well-defined but targeted showcasing through the considered comments of strategic experts can help shape the narrative, generate an organic interest, and enhance business-brand credibility.

FoundersClick serves as a vital catalyst for your venture and to deliver for your business. We will:

Team-up with you to identify your requirements and points of emphasis
Identify influencers that map those business priorities
Facilitate information exchange for assessment, once identified
Work with domain experts to provide your venture an expert endorsement/ opinion/comment that can be a written opinion or a 30-second video message.

Interested in AttestClick?