Discover FoundersClick(FC)

Who we are

FoundersClick Inc™ (FC) - is a growing ecosystem with an active community of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers & Domain experts and Investor/Incubators and Non-Profits.
FC hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage business and all their allied member stakeholders to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your business.
Each member avails FC services based on biz need, each from their unique vantage point. It takes an active community & an intricate ecosystem of well-meaning group of stakeholders to support & build a business and facilitate its ramp-up towards growth and success. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.
FoundersClick focuses both on growing businesses and early-stage ventures across a range of industries from early stage through growth and exit.
Both Individuals and Businesses have equal parity on the FC platform. Whether you are a domain expert, a business or a non-profit organization, you can build and leverage brand visibility to impact and grow.
CONNECT : FoundersClick platform provides various outreach options to network as per business needs. Reasons for such outreach may vary for each member, per one's requirements but the goal is to make such efforts effective and yield results.
PROMOTE : FoundersClick offers DIFFERENT channels to brand-build for visibility or business expansion. For individuals ways to image-build for individuals for career progression and to boost meaningful connections and success in work pursuits.

What We Do

FoundersClick value propositions to our member Stakeholders.
For Growing Businesses - Brand-build, Visibility, Connections, Expansion.
For Entrepreneurs - Team resources, Funding, Connections, and Promotions.
For Service providers and Domain experts - Client base and revenue expansion.
For Professionals and Students - Career progression and Networking.
For Organizations and Non-profits - Strategic connections, Volunteers, membership and mission visibility.
For Investors, Incubators and Accelerators - Funding, Vetted deals, and Team resources for portfolio companies and Venture introductions.

FoundersClick's Ecosystem as a Service

Basic Services to Connect and Promote are on a DIY (Do it yourself basis) and free - Sign Up
Our Premium Services address five critical pressure-points for businesses, especially early stage startups and growing ventures, through tailored, results-driven products and services.
Our Premium Services
TeamerClick - Expert Premium Services in Development, Marketing, Patents & IP - Expertise leverage
Conduit-Click™ - Client based and Marketplace expansion
FundClick - Funding Readiness & Investor Pitch Opportunity
AttestClick – Expert Endorsement
SkillClick™ - Team Build
Our Products
Introducor (Catalytic introductions)
Facilitator (Consent-based leads)
Campaignor (Targeted Outreach)