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aneesh Shastry

University of Houston

EE, Masters Graduate 2016

  • Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager and a mentor like Krish. I had the pleasure of reporting to him at Mobiplex.
  • His extremely humble and incredibly helpful nature was one of the main factors in getting me my first job at Globalfoundries.
  • I was always in awe of Krish's semicondutor knowledge and the industry trends. He helped me gain not only technical skills but also valuable soft skills which is very much essential in today's life.
  • He introduced me to SKILL programming language which helped me in securing my first job. You need experience for a job and a job to gain experience, is the vicious cycle that haunts new graduates.
  • He always had the idea of building a platform to help new graduates secure their first jobs, and I am extremely glad to know that he already working towards the completion of this platform. Any person would be lucky to have him as a mentor!


Louisiana State University

EE, Masters Graduate 2018

  • Krish Mani is a great mentor with an uncanny ability to inspire and develop others. I came to know Krish through a mutual friend when I was looking for a job after my graduation. For a new grad like me it was hard to get a job in the semiconductor field as the knowledge and skills that I acquired through my graduate studies varied from what the industry requires from a candidate.
  • I did not have much knowledge in it when I started working on the project but with his constant source of guidance and motivation made me gain a good sense of knowledge on Bluetooth communication and Python programming language. With his tenacious mentoring and support right from day one, helped me land the right job at TDK InvenSense.
  • He shares an excellent professional and personal rapport with almost everyone who knows him, which, to me is a very rare quality. He always has a pleasant demeanor and no matter how hard the job search can be, having a conversation with him would give confidence to any youngster to face challenges in life in a better way.
  • I attribute my success of getting a job to Krish who taught me things that I never learned in grad school. I am very grateful to God on getting such a wonderful mentor and I am extremely delighted for his new initiative to reach out to wider audience of recent grads.

Angela Odanibe

Lagos, Nigeria

  • Founders click is a platform for everyone despite your career specifications and success level!
  • For me personally, it helped me explore other perspectives to my career, it also enabled me grow in my love for writings. Hence this led me to a blog development on Founders click.
  • With the CV review, it helped me discover how to describe my potentials and place me suited for prospective employers.
  • With Founders click, I have been able to draw out distinctively my career and passion and have set up means to achieving success in both.
  • In all I am grateful to Founders click for taking a chance on me and giving me this opportunity.