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FC Premium Services
FoundersClick Premium Services

For personalized and customized services, FoundersClick can assist and facilitate through its select FC Premium Services connecting you with the resources needed. These value-added services are specifically designed to get you “ready” on a few key fronts relevant to your business and your career pursuits.

FoundersClick identifies and connects you to:

FoundersClick’s fees are mapped to your business needs:

  • If you are a job seeker or are looking to connect with a vetted service provider -there is no fee
  • If you are a student exploring international internships, inquire with us
  • If you are a business venture looking for resources, inquire with us
  • If you are a Service Provider or Domain Expert - send us a request for being included into TRAN (TeamMaker resource Alliance Network). Once you are included in TRAN – we will connect you with members who need your expert services through TeamMaker ServiceProvider LinkUp program.

Getting Started with TeamMaker Inquiries

  • Sign up on FoundersClick and complete your full profile
  • Please send us details of what you need. An FC team member will connect with you and guide you through next steps

  • FoundersClick is not a recruiting company, but is a professional community- based Connections and Promotions ecosystem. Identifying key team resources critical for our members. FoundersClick directly fulfills these requirements by leveraging its FC platform
  • In cases where FoundersClick is unable to find the right jobs or resources through its platform, we facilitate fulfillment through vetted service providers. FoundersClick, in turn, serves as a business conduit to a select group of talent acquisition service providers who can assist in producing results
  • FoundersClick’s approach is solutions driven from the vantage point of its members and Premium Services clients. We are primarily focused on synergistic matches and introductions as opposed to a recruiting model, and hence are cost effective

Pilot HeadStart™ - Get Market-Ready

FoundersClick provides introductions to Beta Clients/Customer Leads. These services can help you prove a concept or even spur business alliance and market traction and in turn enhance your funding options.


We offer a range of fee options for business development introductions. Once we scope your specific business needs, FoundersClick will team-up with you to provide a proposal and guide you through next steps.

Pilot HeadStart Inquiries

  • Sign up on FoundersClick and complete your full profile
  • Send us your business specifications. An FC team member will connect with you and guide you through next steps

Funding Services - Get Funding-Ready and Growth-Ready

Funding Services Inquiry - If you are fundraising, do connect with us. An FC team member will work with you on getting necessary information for our due diligence and selection process. Once selected FoundersClick will then provide you an opportunity to pitch to investors. FoundersClick partners with independent investors and investment funds and serves as a synergistic conduit for vetted deals for their independent selection and investment decisions. Pricing: FoundersClick will evaluate your requirements and provide you with an advisory proposal. Getting Started with Funding Services Inquiries

  • Sign up on FoundersClick and complete your Full profile
  • Send us your funding requirements. An FC team member will connect with you and guide you through next steps

  • FoundersClick Inc. does not directly provide funding but facilitates connections to investors. We provide ventures an opportunity to pitch if your venture is selected. The FC ecosystem serves as a pipeline for vetted venture deals for investors
  • FoundersClick partners with other investors to help with fundraising needs
  • We focus on providing solutions on an Advisory level from your vantage point, so you are funding-ready
  • FoundersClick does not limit investor introductions nor do we insist on financing through only through specific set of investors. We leave the decision to the investors for their independent decision. We provide essential guidance from a venture’s vantage point to get funding ready and thereby boost their chances to get funded
  • FoundersClick has a symbiotic relationship with incubators in that it serves as a service provide for Incubators and their portfolio companies

As an Entrepreneur, you can use FoundersClick to:

  • Connect with crucial team resources
  • Explore Funding options even past seed and/or Series A
  • Identify Customers – Beta customers or to expand customer base post-funding
  • Network with those sharing similar professional interests
  • Develop strategically relevant connections to spur your business growth
  • Identify mentors and advisors for guidance through your business pursuits
  • Benefit from cost-effective and results-based FC Premium solutions
  • Post and promote your Events/Webinars and increase attendee registrations
  • Promote and build your brand through FC Venture Directory, Biz Stories, Blogs, and Discussion forums
  • Expand your FC Network Group for ongoing venture announcements and professional updates. Whom you know and where you promote matter in business and FoundersClick offers you free connect and promotions options as Basic Services members perks

As a Professional (employed) or a Job Seeker or a Freelancer you can leverage FoundersClick to:

  • Explore career-progressive jobs
  • Use FC as a transition bridge from current biz endeavors to interesting offline opportunities, as your bandwidth allows
  • Expand your professional network
  • Seek Internship opportunities to contribute and to gain experience
  • Contribute your talent to cutting-edge innovations and trends and work with teams who can avail your expertise
  • Expand your income stream. Some of your connections may results in new client engagements and projects for you and your business
  • Explore suitable involvement option with non-profits
  • Whom you network with and get to know and where you promote matter. Such connections and brand-building efforts can be critical stepping-stones in boosting your career momentum

As a College student, you can leverage FoundersClick to:

  • Explore career progressive part-time jobs/internships
  • Leverage FC to advance your domain interests and to explore jobs and internship opportunities that map to your interests and bandwidth
  • Connect with Non-profits and explore volunteer opportunities
  • Seek avenues of additional income through some of these options and gain valuable work experience, while boosting your resume
  • Expand your professional network and seek out mentors and advisors. These connections may be critical to shape your career decisions after your graduate
  • Blog and share your insights. Inspire others and be inspired
  • Start constructive discussions and ask questions in Discussion forums. Connect with other professional who may have a positive impact on you
  • If you have an idea that you are passionate about, find mentors/advisors to assist you through your journey. Build a nurturing support system to assist you in your academic and professional journey
  • Contribute your talent to cutting-edge technologies and trends and perhaps explore options to work with early stage teams who can avail your expertise. Gain hands-on experience, endorsements and references, all of which you can avail, as you graduate

Service-Providers and Domain Experts members use FoundersClick to:

  • Generate new leads and expand customer base
  • Seek endorsements
  • Diversify your outreach and in turn expand your revenue channels
  • Make your subtle pitch to target audience through Biz Stories
  • Secure new customer projects and expand revenues
  • Contribute your domain expertise to an early stage or growing venture
  • Leverage your FC Network Group for updates and new business announcements
  • Explore advisory roles, mentoring options, and consulting assignments
  • List your business in FC venture directory and gain visibility to your brand

For those specialized service-providers and Domain experts who are selected for inclusion into TRAN (TeamMaker Resource Alliance network), FoundersClick serves as a business conduit for members for meeting their business needs.

Sign up on FoundersClick and post your full profile. Send us your inquiry. We will reach out to you and discuss next steps.

FoundersClick serves as a service provider to Investors, Incubators and Accelerators.

Investors can avail FoundersClick Services to

  • Review vetted startups through FoundersClick and serve as domain expert
  • Partner with FoundersClick in selecting ventures for funding by its partners
  • Explore funding partnerships for your portfolio companies
  • Cross-refer ventures (who are fundraising). FoundersClick could consider them for Funding Services
  • FC could partner in your funding efforts for your portfolio companies
  • Tap on FoundersClick Premium Services for assistance with any value-added assistance to ventures of interest to you. Identify resources for your portfolio ventures through FoundersClick platform
  • Network and connect with entrepreneurs and spotlight your own expert services
  • Be featured on Biz Stories and be a strong influencer

Funding Services Inquiries

Do reach out and connect with us. We can discuss and develop collaborative logistics to work together. Contact Us.