Whom you connect with and how and where your promote matter in business. Whether you are a domain expert, a business or a non-profit organization, you can build and leverage brand visibility to connect, impact and grow. At FC one can Connect, Promote to Affect results.
FoundersClick facilitates connections & promotions for its members through its Basic services which are FREE. As a Basic Services member, you can post your profile, list your biz requirements, spotlight your venture in FC directory and share your business insights, brand-build as an influencer through a featured post on FC Biz Stories wall. Personalized FC Premium Services address three crucial biz requirements - Team Resources (TeamMaker), Biz Dev Intros (Pilot HeadStart) and Investor Connections (Funding Service).
FC TeamMaker™ - ResourceClick – For Professionals look for career progression
FC TeamMaker is a Premium Service offered by FoundersClick Inc. FoundersClick is not a recruiting company but
Resources are one of the crucial pressure-point needs for its Business stakeholders.

Who benefits from ResourceClick?

FC TeamMaker - ResourceClick services are customized and tailored per member resources requirements and available for FoundersClick members Business Ventures (growing and early stage companies)
Professionals & Students - FoundersClick maps their career or job progressive requirements to Business resource need
Growing businesses ramping up to steady state, early stage ventures & start-ups
For both Businesses and Professionals, FoundersClick Promotes Connects & Effects Results by leveraging its own live-wire platform as well as other external channels to effect results.
FC’s key deliverable is building success storyboards with each ResourceClick engagement

Why FC TeamMaker – ResourceClick?

FC Value Propositions for Professionals & Students
FoundersClick provides

Personalized attention tailored to member requirements
Leverages FC platform to list requirements as a prelude to a synergistic match-up with business needs
Online image-build through Biz Story link to boost differentiation and image build for job or college applications. Businesses see the person behind the resume in a Q & A format.
Teams-up with member and provides feedback loop from interviews to boost first impressions and success index with strategic connections
Provides incentives for other FC Premium services - Funding Services and Pilot HeadStart

FC Value Propositions for Businesses

Cost-effective bang for the buck for vetted service-providers or Team Resources
Customized resource identification on a largely results-based flexible format
Timely Solutions are tailored per requirements be it Projects and/or Team resources
Seamless teamwork and reliable extended team for projects
Strong commitment to customer satisfaction
Leveraged incentives for other FC Premium services -Funding Services and Pilot HeadStart
Strategic Connects and brand-build visibility for ventures through FC platform
At FoundersClick, we are truly committed to accomplishing deliverables to our clients. As such, we are selective in FC TeamMaker Client engagements. As we Team Up & Start Up toward reaching deliverables, we hope to positively enhance the collective success index for all our clients. It takes a business ecosystem and its allied stakeholders to build and grow a venture!

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