Frequently asked Questions - Promotions


As a FoundersClick member, when you login – you will see My FC as a pull down option below your Alias name on top of the page. In My FC you will several feature options that allow you to stay active and connected with other members of the FC community. They are free for FC member community.

  • Sign-up and Post your full profile on FoundersClick
  • Post active Business requirements listings
  • Post your venture in Fc Venture directory
  • Be active on Blogs and propagate your blog in other channels. Some of those who comments on your blog may be useful connections for you and your business.
  • Start a Discussion forum with a topic that dovetails with your brand
  • Link your FC Blog and Discussion to your favorite social media channels
  • Proactively Search and Connect. With your own expansive FC Network Group – you can reach out to them with updates on various brand build initiatives and gain more visibility
  • Share Events of interest to you to your FC network Group and boost attendee registrations
  • Share your Venture post in your network outside of FC network
  • Be clear on the brand message with the critical keywords so it is displayed in search results
  • Be active in updating venture information so members see ongoing activity
  • Contact FoundersClick on spotlighting yourself/your business in our email campaigns
  • Inquire about featuring your business or yourself on Biz Stories at FoundersClick provide you a PR wall to make your pitch/build your message through a 2-3 min. video and through a written Q and A format. If interested Contact Us.

  • Your business venture and your insights gain more eyeballs and organic visibility. You can update information ongoing including press release link. FC Venture Directory serves as a free marketing and PR channel for you
  • You can increase traffic to your web site
  • You can link it to your individual profile of Biz Requirement Listings and increase your FC network Group and make strategic connection
  • FoundersClick’s SEO efforts, could additionally impact in search-engine rank results
  • As you search and proactively connect and build your My FC Network Group, you can also periodically disseminate venture updates to those in your group

  • Post Event in the FC Events Gallery and share with your Network group and FC Extended network Group. Boost attendee registrations
  • Share your Event post with others in your network outside of FoundersClick
  • Post your FC Event link with your other favorite social media channels
  • Link to your Events post on FoundersClick on those channels as well. Keep your event information updated
  • Monitor RSVPs and manage registrations reach out to them and add to them your FC group if they are not on it already. If registrations are outside of FoundersClick provide that information
  • Contact FoundersClick to request Event post to be spotlighted in FC social media channels and in Email campaign. Contact Us.
  • As event organizer, proactively Search and Connect to your target audience and inform them of your event. If you continue to build an expansive FC Network Group – you can reach out to them and gain more visibility

4. What are Biz Stories and how can I avail them to promote my venture or me?

  • FoundersClick offers Biz Stories as a grassroots based promotion channel option for its members especially for businesses to expand visibility and showcase their products and services
  • All FC stakeholders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, specialized expert service providers, Domain experts, and Non-Profits and Investors share their business acumen, vision, interests, and message each from their unique vantage point
  • FC Biz Stories Wall is a collage of shared real-life experiences spanning all phases of a business from an embryonic stage through various stages of a venture’s growth
  • FoundersClick currently offers this benefit on an invite-only basis. Biz Story Inquiry. Inspire. Influence. Impact