Frequently asked Questions - Connections


A. Your FC profile provides introductory data to other FoundersClick’s members on your professional career, your industry domain expertise, and connection objectives to name a few.

  • Meaningful profile content can boost brand credibility and connections
  • Keep your profile(s) updated to ensure timely and quality connections. Based on content in your profile FoundersClick can help optimize connections for you based on meaningful content in your profile and recommend suitable contacts to add to your FC Network Group
  • FoundersClick strongly recommends that you keep your profile(s) fully updated. Strategic connections are a live wire for any business. There is a direct correlation to your proactive outreach and quality of networking and timely interactions with other members
  • You can choose to have multiple profiles on FoundersClick that map to your multiple professional pursuits. They can help streamline outreach and organize your connections per profile. For instance, you can be an Entrepreneur and an Angel Investor. Every profile, however, needs to have a unique and valid email associated with it

B. Your FC Listing is based on your active business requirements.

  • Unlike your Profile, your listing posts are driven by your active business needs. They are relatively dynamic, compared to your profile and vary from time to time. You can post listings as needed. FoundersClick currently allows unlimited listing posts for free
  • For instance, you may need to connect with an Investor, say, at a certain time. A bit down the road, you may be looking to identify a Graphics Designer or a SEO expert, Each of these requirements qualify as a separate listing to ensure that you are connecting with and getting responses from those suitable experts who meet your business needs at that time
  • Having detailed content and description in your listings will help optimize your time and enhance chances of making suitable and time-critical connections
  • We strongly recommend that you remove listings that are no longer active so you spotlight the ones that are active and require timely responses
  • Sometimes, you may not want to reveal that you are looking for a career-progressive opportunity or are trying to identify resources for an offline project. In such scenarios, you can de-link your Listing from your Profile at FoundersClick to ensure privacy. You get direct responses to your Listing without your profile linked to it. You correspond only with those you want and to and maintain confidentiality to the extent you choose

  • My FC Network Group consists of members whom you have invited or who have invited you. Once the invite has been accepted acceptance process, both members are connected and in each other’s FC Network Group
  • My Extended Group consists of members where the Invite is still in process. You have a three chances to send reminders (one per week)
  • FoundersClick strongly recommends that you check your spam/junk folder for any such FoundersClick (FC) invite messages and mark them as Not Spam. We make efforts to get these emails to your Inbox, but sometimes we cannot control where the email lands at your end

  • Post meaningful content in your FoundersClick profile. This is crucial as it boosts credibility and serves as an effective icebreaker for quality connections. You can link to business postings you may have on other platforms on FoundersClick and in turn cross-reference your FoundersClick posting in other online platforms of your choice for maximum exposure, benefit and visibility
  • Keep your FoundersClick profile updated to spotlight latest changes. Strategic updates and proactive outreach to your FC Network Group may result in new and useful connections
  • When you login – you will see My FC as a pull down option (below your Alias name) on top of the page. In My FC you will different features that allow you to stay active and connected with other members of the FC community
  • Check your FC Inbox periodically for new messages. FoundersClick sends notifications of Unread Email. It’s best to regularly check for such notifications in your FC Inbox and in your external email spam folder. Prompt responses foster better and stronger connections
  • Actively Search using keywords and proactively invite members. Proactive outreach enhances the possibility of useful, timely, and strategic connections
  • Personalize your Invite. FoundersClick provides the option to add a message where you can state the reason for the Connection Invite and personalize it
  • Check for Connection Invites in your email junk folder. When you receive a FC member Invite, you get instant notification, but sometimes these emails do go to your spam of junk folder. So please check you spam/junk folder and mark them as Not Spam
  • Avail FC email when you respond until you are comfortable providing your external email contact. FoundersClick does send courtesy copies of emails messages you receive

  • Sign-up and post your full profile on FoundersClick
  • Post active business requirements listings
  • Be clear and detailed on your requirements and use critical keywords so your listing is displayed in Search Filters
  • One listing per business requirement is best to keep the focus
  • Check your FC Inbox periodically for new responses. FoundersClick does send notifications of Unread Emails but just in case it goes to your junk folder and/or you missed it best to regularly check-in. FoundersClick send courtesy copes of email received but something these can go to spam folder. Mark them as Not Spam
  • Prompt responses foster better connections. So check you spam and junk folder and mark them as Not Spam
  • Search using keywords and proactively invite members who could be your target audience for your listing. FoundersClick provided the option to personalize your invite where you can state the reason for the Connection Invite and include a direct reference to your Listings
  • Ask for referrals from your FC Network group and your FC Extended group
  • Follow-up through FC email and interact with those who respond until you are comfortable providing your external email contact
  • Reference your FC listing in other channels to optimize its visibility. FoundersClick also posts you listings in other select media channels as well
  • Contact FoundersClick on spotlighting your listing in our email campaigns. We do that on a select basis and may be able to accommodate your request