posted by angela_odanibe on April 6, 2019


Good looks of course is one everyone should always strive for. Hence the saying ‘’Looking good is good business’’! It doesn’t matter the season or occasion.

Beating all events with beautiful combination wears is what sets you to being outstanding! 

Yes! You can slay and look your best even in the gym.

Listed below are my 5- must haves for every gym look you wish to slay on:

1. Joggers

2. Runners

3. Hoodies

4. Summer shots 

5. Sports bra


This is the best fit for gym pants reason being they have a moisture wicking fabric in them. These fabrics are specially made to allow your sweat dry- up without you feeling uncomfortable.

They keep you dry all day long while you re stock trying to get that body shape! They are also comfortable and quite stretchy. They let you carry out all gym activities while allowing you feel comfortable in your own wears.

Other gym pants with this soothing technology are: training leggings and yoga pants. Your choice of pants all depends on the look and impression you want to create using gym wears. There are various training leggings and yoga pants with different variations and styles out of which you can choose from.


You can’t imagine doing all you have got to do looking fit and not having the best form of carriage and support for the foot. Especially for the fact that you may have to put them on for a period of time. Additional heel support and a stable base set you up for success when lifting weights, especially squatting, while extra grip on the edges of the sole can help with the quick lateral movements if you’re tackling speed and agility training.

You might want to put the following in mind while choosing the ideal runners for the gym: 

- Comfort: You need support all the ways because you would be dealing with various activities form. You should get runners with soft soles that way you feel comfort even on the most tire-some activity.

- Wicking ability: You can’t imagine how much fat you burn in the gym. This is evident with the kind of sweat being produced. Runners which posses materials made of wool, bamboo, polyester and Lycra; have the ability of evaporating sweat while making you feel comfortable and warm in your own sweat,


There is this look a hoodie gives you; kinda creates a personality. So yes if you re on the big size; you would want to wear a hoodie to give you that confidence you need and want to have. It can seem really intimidating seeing different kinds of bodies in the gym.
Many persons would wonder why would you need a hoodie while in the gym. It’s a must have for everyone. Truth is on a hoodie you get to sweat much more! 

It also gives you that desiring comfort while trying to focus on your body and loose calories. Hoodies also keep the bodies warm; for a cold winter.
You would want to take a hoodie to the gym to cover up for the cold. 

For me; it’s a must have for the gym! 


Have you wondered why persons still put on shorts even after putting on a leggings. This is to emphasize the need for a gym shorts.
It gives great comfort during intense work out activities. Which is great because they re breathable hence you get ventilation all round. 

They are made of good materials that allow proper ventilation during excercise and work outs.

Good shorts are lightweight hence the move with you while you move! They have good wicking ability. So while you produce sweat they have the ability to dry them off without you getting to feel wet and all sweaty.

Another beautiful thing I love is the pockets they possess. You can put in all your devices and use your ear pieces while carrying out even the most strenuous activity!


As feminine you can’t imagine the stress of having to carry yourself during work out and having your breasts all dangling. The sports bra come to give you that comfort and confidence you need during gym work outs.

They help hold the breasts in position and give you the comfort and confidence you need. Especially if you have really sagging breasts.

Okay guys! these are my 5 must have for every gym outing. Try these; get fit, look good, slay in gym wears and also achieve results.