posted by angela_odanibe on January 21, 2019

Weather too cold!, chilly!, wondering what for a cover for those cold feet?

It is a hard pill to swallow when you imagine your warm weather all changing up to something pretty cold!

Especially when it’s not your favorite season, you  might just wish the season goes into extinction. The solution is right here for this season. I love them because they are quite warm and then they have helped me gain confidence walking out during the snowy season.

In other words to choose the best boots for the winter; certain factors I have put into mind for these choices are good grip; I once couldn’t use certain boots because of how slippery it felt on floors; which could pull me over to the ground.

Some boots I have also used for other purposes like hiking; I have used some of my winter boots for hiking because asides from the firm grip to the ground; they also have soft soles making them comfortable for long walks.

Here are my top 5:

  • Lace- Up Ankle Boots:

Lacing up boots are good means for cover up from cold with socks included. They help you maintain warmness in your feet preventing you from cold.

  • Leopard Ankle Boots:

Its uniqueness is in the leopard skin. It also has little block heels. If you re that woman that cannot go out without heels; this is perfect for you. It gives you comfort while making you look elegant and beautiful in its uniqueness.

  • Dessert Boots/ Chukka:

Having a pair of these in your wardrobe would save you a whole deal.  A boot with rubber soles; is something to last for as long as you can imagine!. These are ankle height leather boots. The color again which could be beige or khaki is what make it stand out. The color gives a beautiful color blend for the snowy weather.

  • Combat Boots:

It appears strong; historically it used by army soldiers. I love to put this on especially when I am on short dresses; because despite its heavy laced up appearance; it covers a good portion of the legs. They are also quite durable.

  • Wedge:

These come with soles in the form of a wedge. This serves as the sole and the heel. You might think this is a lady’s wear; however; men’s wedge also come with low heels too. It comes high up sometimes covering more than just the feet; sometimes not so high. You also should have this in your wardrobe if you don’t want to go on low heels during this snowy weather.

These are my top 5 for the snowy season. I enjoy this season comfortably knowing I am very much covered and prepared for the season. I have decided to share these boots so that we all can enjoy the best of the season together.