Prime Resonance Ventures LP

Biz Description : Venture Investment Fund

Category: Investment

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Blurb : Prime Resonance Ventures LP provides venture capital & direct financial assistance to businesses at different growth phases - start-ups, seasoned businesses and those looking to grow and ultimately exit their business. We strongly focus on the quality of management teams and business value propositions, competitive analysis and market trends, financial history and growth potential among various other crucial criteria in the mix, for funding selection. While Prime Resonance Ventures is not explicitly partial to any one industry or market segment, technology-driven innovative companies that can grow its business at a rate that gives its limited partners reasonable return on our investment will be of preferred interest. We will have special emphasize consideration of ventures with a projected exit horizon or 2-4 years.

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Management Interactive LLC

Biz Description : Fund Management & Consulting

Category: Specialized Business Consulting

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Blurb : Management Interactive LLC , is the General Partner of Prime Resonance Ventures and can also provide value additive consulting and advisory services to these potential portfolio companies and those in its portfolio Management Interactive adopts a collaborative services-driven paradigm toward solutions that are mapped and tailored to our client’s needs. Our expert services range from ideation & brainstorming, business plan and pitch analysis, strategic business planning for growth, funding-preparedness and exit readiness to name a few. Management Interactive adopts a services-driven paradigm toward solutions that are tailored to our client’s funding needs and exit options.

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Biz Description : Web Design & Development

Category : Web Design & Development

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Blurb : Quedyon is one of the best IT services provider and outsourcing company in India for the global market. We are specialized in enterprise digital transformation by applying recent advancements in digital technologies with your business processes. Our digital transformation strategies focus on delivering full spectrum of IT consulting and development by combined approach with your business offerings, operational processes and customer behaviours.

Cloud Brigade

Biz Description : Cloud Infrastructure Specialists

Category : Expert Technical Services

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Blurb : Cloud Brigade helps C-Level executives migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with grace and ease. We provide in-depth consultation, analysis and high quality IT services. Our clients include some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and we've helped them lower their IT Infrastructure expenditures as much as 73% over a three year period. We're experts in with AWS Compute, Storage, Network and Security Services. So, let us help you scale your business--and lower your costs--with on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud computing resources from AWS.

Santhila DataBot Private Limited

Biz Description : Web Design & Development

Category : Web Design & Development

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Blurb : SanthilaDataBot is an emerging young Software Solutions Company that offers a complete range of solutions with uncompromising quality and value-added IT products/services. We adopt stringent quality practices and standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Our expertise lies in improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Innovation and world class Offshore web Development to the doorstep of our customer in more ways than one. Our engagement models with our clients are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined, based on specific individual needs of our customers. We follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation and quick time to market ensuring 100% success for our customer's business and in the process ensuring Long term business continuity for us.

Judge For Yourself Insurance and Financial Services Inc,

Biz Description : Insurance and Financial Services Inc

Category : Insurance and Financial Services Inc

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Blurb : At Judge for Yourself Insurance and Financial Services, Inc, we are deeply committed to significantly transforming the lives of individuals & families, in order to achieve financial independence and security. We provide the best financial solutions and financial security planning services in today's ever changing world.


Biz Description : Company Valuation, Custom Research, Analytics and Advisory Services

Category : Finance

Biz Website :

Blurb : Aranca is a leading valuation firm that provides business and IP valuation services for a range of tax, financial reporting and transaction needs, particularly 409A. Having performed over 5,000 valuations for more than 1,000 companies across sectors, including Social Media, Software, Life Sciences, Technology and Internet, we have built a strong reputation as a leading provider of 409A valuation opinions that are credible and cost effective.

Launch Brigade

Biz Description : Website Design Specialists

Category : Web Design & Development

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Blurb : Launch Brigade is a full service WordPress web design firm that specializes in helping business owners create stunning yet relevant websites--that get results. We provide personalized services in; branding, design, development and marketing. You'll attract more prospects fast because we accurately capturing requirements and vision the first time. Our team is highly responsive, very creative and fanatically passionate about customer satisfaction. Take a look at our portfolio and imagine what we can do for you.


Biz Description : Community Outreach Partner

Category : Marketing & Advertisement

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Blurb : Chitooo is a digital marketing company focusing on the community outreach and peer-to-peer marketing that helps business grow its target user base. Our team reaches across various latest technologies, customize it to the target market, and launch a creative campaign that ensures growth. We are a young team that delivers.

United EduPreneur

Biz Description : Career Development

Category : Career Development

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Blurb : United EduPreneur is a versatile organization dedicated to raise the level of career development education. At UEP we strive to make students, early stage professionals and entrepreneurs market ready by filling the gap between college education and market demand. We train in the fields of computer education, mind power enhancing techniques, memory techniques, personality development, interpersonal skills, public speaking and English language