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Marketing for Custom Softwares, Web & Mobile website

Listing Objective
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Listing Requirements

Generate new Client and Long term Projects for website, Should generate opportunity to work closely with IT Companies and Big Organizations.

Try using newer technologies, instead of relying on older ones. Build sites using MEAN stack and keep them as Proof of Concept. Since, web is now getting more advanced, you should follow latest trends.
Hire a talented Sales manager and follow cold calls on specialized technologies. Be unique in your advertisement. Since APIs are now becoming common, I would suggest you to advertise for one backend/multiple front end techniques. The idea behind is simple. Build a backend for client in one technology(it can be java/php/node) and using REST API techniques, develop website, mobile apps for the same client. Charge them wisely. This idea may seem to be crazy. But, believe me, you can achieve this at low development cost using advanced technologies like Ionic, Phone Gap etc., Provide 24*7 support for client.

It all depend on the developers you've hired. They are your assets. Don't spend too much on infrastructure at the beginning. Many MNCs present today were started in a single room. So, invest more on intelligent resources. Follow SDLC principles properly. Besides all these, keep a good website for your business. Your website is your identity. A simple spelling mistake in your website may spoil your reputation. Take more time to build your company website. Don't put contents in website at your will. Also, don't add unwanted animations in your website. Just keep it simple. Have a Chat support enabled in your website.

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Web Design

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Part-time(10 or less hours per week)