FoundersClick Inc. (FC) ™ is a growing global platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, California that hosts an active community of over 76,000 members comprising of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Businesses, Service providers/Domain experts, Investor/Incubators & Non-Profits. FoundersClick™ hosts a business community of mid-size to small and early stage businesses and all their allied member stakeholders to Connect, Promote to Effect results with the understanding that it takes an intricate ecosystem to build and nurture your professional journey and your business. FoundersClick™ offers a results-driven array of CONNECT & PROMOTE value propositions through its products and services.  For Growing Businesses Brand-build, Visibility, Connections  For Entrepreneurs Team resources, Funding, Brand build  For Expert Service Providers Client base & revenues growth  For Professionals/ Students Mentorship, Jobs & Image-build  For Investors/Incubators Vetted deals and services ecosystem  For Organizations & Non-profits Donors, Volunteers & mission visibility FoundersClick platform also serves as a business conduit to select global markets to accelerate Client base within their own geographic marketplace and with US markets and to select markets for US based businesses. FoundersClick™ offers tiered (Basic & Premium) results-based products & services. FoundersClick establishes a live-wire “ecosystem-as-a-service” paradigm for individuals and businesses for career progression and business growth. Basic services are FREE. You can leverage all Connect & Promote options to your advantage on a DIY (Do-it-yourself basis as per professional and business needs. 2 Premium Services Our mission through Premium services is to address five critical success pressure points for startups and growing ventures.  Expertise team leverage in  Technology Marketing, IP and Patent  Client base/ Market expansion  Strategic facilitated introductions  Team-resources build  Funding Readiness & Pitch Opportunity Client Testimonials “The FoundersClick team has been instrumental in the successful launch of my app and business. They have been with me every step of the way and I don't know how I could have made this happen without them. Founders Click's expertise in all facets of growing a business has helped me from both a technical and non-technical standpoint and the team will remain a vital part of my company as I continue grow. Whether you have an idea and you're looking to build a product or already have a product and are looking to grow, Founders Click can be an asset to you”. Nick- Instruct Fitness " I had encountered numerous problems with a patent law firm, and seeing that I had already experienced a tremendous amount of success in other areas of my business with FoundersClick, I decided to give them a try during this patent process. Well, I can tell you that it was without a doubt the best decision that I had made in relation to attaining my patent. FoundersClick completed the filing process without error in less than two weeks, and they kept me totally informed every step of the way. They even constructed a custom payment plan that catered to my needs and enabled me to free up much-needed cash to continue growing my business. Couldn't be happier, and I'll be trying other FoundersClick services in the coming months." Stephen – Queensland- Australia 3 FoundersClick’s Canvas of Services & Products  Business Requirements Technology Build, Marketing & Patents  FC Solution: TeamerClick Technology Build & Marketing Brand Build We serve as a seamless team and manage remote resources for both short and long-term ongoing services solutions per business needs. We provide and manage expert resources and serve as a seamless extended team for startups.  Website design and Development  Internet Applications & APIs  ECommerce Solutions  Mobile application development (Android and iOS)  Workflow enterprise applications development & customizations  IoT applications development  Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning  Facial Recognition  Data analytics  Expert Marketing - SEO and SMM  TeamerClick – Specialized Services in Patent and IP Licensing  Cost to Value Patent writing & filings worldwide  Seasoned and experienced Attorneys  IP Licensing and commercialization  Buy and Sell Patents  Business Requirements: Marketplace Expansion  FC Solution: ConduitClick FoundersClick offers a revenue-as-a-service channel for lead generation and alliance conduit to select global markets India, Australia and US. It is a Growth Accelerator program. 4  Business Requirements: Funding Services  FC Solution: FundClick  Funding Readiness. We team-up to boost fundraise efforts  Opportunity to Pitch. Pitch to potential investor prospects  FundClick fundraise microecosystem that links ventures to investors  Business Requirements - Strategic Connections  FC Solution: AttestClick  Domain Expert assessed Endorsements for commercial use  Influence and impact through strategic visibility and brand credibility  Business Requirements: Team Resources Build  FC Solution: SkillClick  We mitigate hiring and investments risk through a hands-on project based vetting protocols and skill assessment  We offer team compatibility assessment for startups  FC Solution: MentorClick  We mentor professionals to boost job search success and facilitates access to business opportunities aligned to career progressive interests.  Our Products. FoundersClick ecosystem Platform offers subscription upgrades to Classic from DIY Basic member Services with the following value-added offerings.  Introducor - Facilitated introductions  Facilitator - Consent- based leads  Campaignor- Targeted campaign